Space Tigers is a resolutely unpindownable band, acclaimed for their eclectic style, which uses a common jazz instrumentation to make somewhat less common amalgam of urban-signifying genres, from modern jazz to electro-pop, to punk-rock to techno to funk.


“Space Tigers usually have a trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar and drums lineup, but their regular trumpeter was replaced at late notice by a second altoist, thereby creating a grouping that recalled the Spy vs. Spy combination of Tim Berne and John Zorn, or the twinned altoists of the English band Led Bib. Space Tigers locked into a metallic crosshatching of rock-funk patterns, maintaining this hard intensity throughout their set, either with jointly entwining altos or with solo horn stretches, attaining a pinnacle of piercing precision.”
-Martin Longley, Downbeat Jazz, November 17th, 2017

„Space Tigers is a fitting title for the killer Berlin based jazz rock power trio. Capture them
if they land from outer space and prowl on a jungle floor near you… before somebody
gets hurt!“
– guitarist and composer, Jonathan Kreisberg

Space Tigers is a Berlin based band gathered around Grgur Savic & Vanja Kevresan compositions. Journey of motifs and groups of tones mixed in different order and polyrhythms to bring every segment or detail from existing compositions into the new light.


Grgur Savic – alt saxophone/compositions
Vanja Kevresan – el.guitar/compositions
Vega Jesus– drums