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“On “Symmetry of Diving” Vanja Kevresan has presented a masterful and idiosyncratic collection of original compositions all performed on solo guitar. His rhythm and technique are absolutely astounding, and I feel it’s not long before more ears figure out just what they have been missing!...."



"....he is considered one of the most accomplished jazz guitarists of today's European jazz scene. He has previously worked with the Dortmund Jazz Academy and works as a musician artist in residence”....-Ministry of Culture and Science, Nordrhein, Westhafen/
Germany, Jazz Domicil Dortmund Press.


"...Vanja Kevresan, who has become one of the most creative minds of the Berlin jazzscene..." -Ministry of Culture and Science, Nordrhein, Westhafen/Germany, Jazz Domicil Dortmund Press.


Vanja Kevresan is a Serbian Jazz Guitarist/Composer currently residing in Berlin, Germany. He graduated Jazz guitar from the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria (2002). Since 2012 Vanja is teaching Jazz Guitar & Jazz Improvisation at the FMU-Belgrade Music University, Jazz department. 


In 1996 he founded the trio KEVSTUNIK together with Milan Nikolic on bass and Andjelko Stupar on drums, 

and 2009 his group TRIP TONES, also co-leading the innovative and critically acclaimed group “SPACE TIGERS”.


Vanja Kevresan has played both as a leader, co-leader, & sideman with: David Binney, Karl Ratzer Group, Reggie Washington, Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Peter Herbolzheimer, Dean Bowman, Fritz Pauer, Stjepko Gut, Zack Loeb, Eric Harland, Joe Sanders, Gerald Clayton, Jonathan Blake, Bernd Kraef, Uwe Plath,  Greg Smith, Jonathon Haffner,  Jelena Jovovic, Tom Lellis,  Ed Neumeister, Bora Rokovic, Wayne Darling, Igor Lumpert, Jure Pukl,  Grgur Savic, Vega Jesus,  Bora Rokovic, Ryan Carniaux, Tom Berkmann, Mathias Ruppnig, Logan Kane, Milan Nikolic, Andjelko Stupar, Sava Miletic, Ondrej Stveracek, Greg Smith, Igor Osypov, Vasil Hadzimanov, Big Band KUG, Pirates Of After Particians, Unleashed Bop Force, Dima Bondarev, Aleksander Maksymiw,   Yonatan Levy,  Luka Ignjatovic,  Vladimir Kostadinovic, Pera Krstajic, Pedja Milutinovic, Vojkan Jocic, Manuel Podhostnik,   Roberto Badoglio,   JR5+ featuring  Miles Griffith, European East West Jazz Orchestra, Simon Jermin....and many more.

During His studying Vanja was awarded with “KUG Begabten Stipendium” 2000, and. “Dr Karl Boehm Stipendium” 2002 from the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz, Austria.

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