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For my Quartet, and Trio records I have typically used one set-up.

A 2009 Gibson ES-335
A 2011 Custom Shop 50’ Duo Tone Strat Relic 2 TS.
A 1965 Blackface Fender Reissue twin reverb.
A MESA BOOGIE MARK III Tropical hardwood, Simul-class version, Purple Stripe.

I use different configurations of guitars now-days depending on the situation. These include

A 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less+

A 2018 Kiesel Zeus

A 2018 Fender American Original 50' Stratocaster

A 2013 Gibson Government Series II Explorer (Heavy Modified)
A Martin D-28

A ZT Lunchbox Guitar Amplifier LBG2


The Pro Co “The RAT” Keeley Modified
Ibanez tube screamer TS-9
Gristle King Pedal (version 3)
Xotic-RC Booster
Boss DD3
Line6 Delay Modeler DL4
Strymon BlueSky
Strymon Ojai R 30 Power Supply

Jam Rattler Ltd

Jam Doubledreamer

Jam Delay Lama

Beetronics Vezzpa

Here are a few of the things I use in addition to what I've already listed.

Boss OC-2
Boss OC-3

Boss Oc-5
Boss MO-2
EHX Synth 9
EHX Frequency Analyzer
EHX Ring Thing
TC Electronic DITTO Looper X2
Ernie Ball VP Jr
Dunlop Cry Baby

Digitech Ricochet Whammy

Z.Vex Fuzz Factory Vexter


D'addario EXL11BT 11/50 & EXL110+

D'Andrea Pro Plec 651 Jazz (Shell 1.5mm)

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